Campbelt S.A. has been producing metal conveyor belts since 1988. Nowadays, we are a leading company in our Spanish domestic market and we have reached the rest of Europe and America as well. We supply high quality steel conveyor belts thanks to our sophisticated technology and innovative manufacturing processes.

We offer a countless range of styles and configurations of  conveyor belts to suit your specific needs and to improve your process efficiencies. Our mesh  belts are used in a wide variety of industries such as Automotive, Food Processing, Electronics, Metal Industry and many more.


During all these years we have gained our clients' trust, due to our high assistance and customer support. Our industry knowledge and experience allow us to provide customized solutions for your manufacturing needs. Additionally, we have strict quality standards and we only work with European raw material,  thus we can offer a very high quality and reliable metal mesh.

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As said before, we have very strict quality requirements and for this reason we have been certified with UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard. We are the first Spanish metal conveyor belt manufacturer rewarded with this quality standard.


iso 9001  ISO certificate