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Our metal meshes offer as many variations as you can imagine. We already work with fashion designers like Teresa Helbig and jewelry brands like WhataMesh.

Versatility, strength, durability, and much more.

Metal meshes are a highly versatile product. They are resistant, durable, and adaptable to all needs, as they can be manufactured with various aperture sizes and requested widths.

We can manufacture them and apply the necessary treatment for the project. For example, we can provide galvanized, electropolished, anodized, painted, or even silver, gold, or copper-plated finishes

If you have a project or a product where metal meshes would be an ideal complement, please contact us to study the project together and provide you with customized solutions.

What a mesh metal bracelet

Types of metal meshes.

 Types of metal meshes. Steel


 Types of metal meshes. Electropolished


 Types of metal meshes. Gold-plated


 Types of metal meshes. Gold-plated with aged finish

Gold-plated with aged finish

 Types of metal meshes. Copper-plated


 Types of metal meshes. Shiny silver-plated

Shiny silver-plated

The meshes can be manufactured in different sizes, openings, and finishes according to the project's needs.

Completed projects

FASHION Teresa Helbig 2017

FASHION Teresa Helbig 2017

DECORATION Casa de Barcelona

DECORATION Casa de Barcelona

JEWELLERY Choker What a Mesh

JEWELLERY Choker What a Mesh

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