CAMPBELT S.A., a new stainless architecture style

We have been manufacturing stainless metal conveyor belts since 1988, therefore, our wide experience guarantees a high quality in our metal belts made for architectural meanings.

Our "haute couture" offers original solutions for outdoor and indoor environments. We provide a wide range of models and materials which offer many possibilities and a great functionality. The applications are countless: walls, facades, curtains, ceilings, and much more.

We can offer you specific solutions to suit your needs. Our experience and advice together with the architects' and designers' know-how will definitely match or even exceed your demands. We offer you the ideal solutions to decorate your spaces with style and imagination.

If you want to get more information about architecture, please send us an email to arquitectura@campbelt.es.

Ariel Interiorismo Reus

Ariel Interiorismo Tarragona

Micros Bordeaux

Miranda Saint-Émilion

Miranda Toulouse

Oberon Interiorismo Lisboa

Orion Madrid

Thalassa Interiorismo Barcelona

Titania Interiorismo Circuit du LeMans

Titania Interiorismo Baix Camp

Titania Menorca

Umbriel Tarragona

Titania Salou

Ariel Museum Toulouse

Miranda hospital de Lisieux