Conventional Weave belts (DRW)

Belts made by threading coils in the same direction.


This type of belts,  lacks the advantages of balanced bands (SO), since all the spirals being of the same direction tend to deviate in long installations.

It is usually replaced by balanced belts (SO) in 95% of its applications.

The characteristics of the spirals will depend on the product to be transported. Chains can also be added if required by the application.

The lateral finishes can be welded or linked.

For high-temperature applications, due to their significant tensile strength and high thermal dissipation, they can be manufactured with reinforcing rods (DRS), or even with lateral reinforcing rods (ARR).

Materials and temperatures

It can be made of steel or stainless steel.

The DRW is a metal belt for ambient temperatures. However, for high-temperature applications, it can be manufactured with reinforcing rods (ARR belt).


Download conventional weave belt (DRW) Download conventional metal belt with rods and laterals reinforcements (ARR)


This metal belt can incorporate the following accessories:


This metal belt has the following possible finishes:


The DRW is a belt for light loads or static applications, such as protective panels, filter supports, and high-temperature oven entrance and exit curtains.

The ARR belt with lateral reinforcing rods is a high-temperature belt for applications such as brazing.