MULTI-ROD BELTS (DSO, TSO, CSO) OR STRAIGHT ROD WITH EDGE GUARDS (CT-CS) are suitable for heat treatment applications.

Refractory steels and other high-temperature resistant steels will be the most suitable for this application.

Multi-rods metal belts (DSO, TSO, CSO) - Head Treatment

A heat treatment is a controlled process of heating and cooling applied to materials, such as metals and alloys, with the aim of altering their physical and/or mechanical properties. This process is widely used in the industry to enhance strength, hardness, ductility, toughness, or to obtain specific characteristics in materials.

The most commonly used materials for heat treatment include:

AISI 314 - Alloy widely used for temperatures up to 1150 ºC. It exhibits good mechanical properties at high temperatures, as well as resistance to oxidation and carburization, provided it is not exposed to corrosive environments in the temperature range between 700º and 900º, where it is sensitive to carbide precipitation.

AISI 330 - Alloy with a 37% nickel content and 17% chromium, with the rest of the components in proportions similar to AISI 314. In most applications, this material is more resistant to surface oxidation because it forms a thin layer of Cr and Si oxides that protect the wire when hot.

Other materials can be used according to our customers' specifications.

The most used metal belt for heat treatments is the metal belt with straight rods and edge guards (CT-CS), or the metal belt with multiple rods (DSO, TSO, CSO) with edge guards if required by product.

Choosing the right metal mesh is crucial based on the type of heat treatment, the required temperature, and the specific characteristics of the material being treated.

We can manufacture any belt you need for your heat treatment furnace.

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Metal belt with straight rod and edge guards (CT-CS)
Metal belt with straight rod and edge guards (CT-CS)
Multi rod balanced metal belt (DSO)
Multi rod balanced metal belt (DSO)