Compound weave belts (DSO/TSO/CSO)

Metal belts consisting of alternating right-hand and left-hand spirals interconnected by a specific number of rods at each pitch.


Depending on the number of nested spiral pairs, we have different models of belts.

3 rods inside each spiral - DSO model

4 rods inside each spiral - TSO model

5 rods inside each spiral - CSO model

The open area or mesh opening decreases in each belt model while maintaining a high level of flexibility. This creates a very dense, smooth, and flat surface that has a natural tendency to move in a straight line, making it easy to guide.

Edge guards or lift attachements can be added if required by the application.

Materials and temperatures

They can be manufactured in any material according to the temperature range of the application.

Indicador de temperatura 300º


Download compound weave belt (TSO) Multi rod balanced belt (DSO) Download compound weave belt (CSO)


This metal belt can incorporate the following accessories:


This metal belt has the following possible finishes:


They are belts widely used in bakery applications and cookie baking.

But due to their versatility, they can be used in all applications.