Plate link metal belts (CT-LP)

Metal plates linked with side chains.


The metal plates within the conveyor belt act as hinges, offering a large flat load surface and small turning radious.

Perfect alignment when installing side chains.

The plates can be machined with holes to ensure air recirculation for zig-zag type oven applications.

Materials and temperatures

They are manufactured in steel and 304 stainless steel.

They can operate at temperatures up to 250 degrees.

It can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees.


Download plate link belt (CT-LP)


This metal belt can incorporate the following accessories:


They are highly versatile belts that are suitable for all processes in the food industry (pasteurization, washing, freezing, drying, baking...).

They are used for transporting metal parts (screw, nails, bolts etc)

They are used for loading and unloading operations.

They are used for removing chips, waste, and sheet metal scraps.