Metal belts with straight rod and welded selvage (SR)

Belts composed of alternating right-hand and left-hand spirals connected by straight rods.


They are metal belts that are very similar to balanced belts (SO), but with straight rods. They are manufactured with tighter spirals, which means they have a smaller spiral pitch. This makes them very strong and resistant to traction forces.

They have great flexibility for turning around cylinders. Therefore, they are very useful for transfers between installations.

If the application requires it, they can be equipped with edge guards  that act as lateral containment for the product (CT-CS). Lift attachements can also be included if needed.

Materials and temperatures

They can be manufactured in all materials according to the temperature range of the application.

Indicador de temperatura 300º


Download straight rod and welded selvage metal belt (SR)


This metal belt can incorporate the following accessories:


This metal belt has the following possible finishes:


They are used as filters in liquid waste treatment installations. However, their great versatility makes them suitable for many types of applications.