Balanced weave belts (SO)

Metal belts with alternating right-hand and left-hand spirals connected by wavy rods.


They are widely used in friction-driven installations as they are easy to guide and stabilize in alignment due to their design.

Their high strength allows them to withstand heavy loads over large widths or at high temperatures.

They are made of round wire spirals, slightly oval-shaped, which form a flat surface that increases the grip between the belt and the product. In cases where an extremely smooth surface is required, for marking or product stability issues, they can be manufactured with flat wire spirals, increasing the contact surface.

They require minimal maintenance.

They have good flexibility properties.

They can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and finishes depending on the application, and in all materials according to the operating temperature range.

For smaller or bulk products, denser belts can be made by adding more spirals within each rod (DSO/TSO/CSO).

Materials and temperatures

They can be manufactured in any material according to the temperature range of the application.

Indicador de temperatura 300º


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This metal belt can incorporate the following accessories:


This metal belt has the following possible finishes:


Due to their versatility, they can be used in many applications.